ZeroSum Ruler

Wanna be a Math Hero? Answer these questions! September 17, 2012

These Math students need YOUR help.

If you’ve checked all recent posts on Facebook, refreshed your Twitter page until it can be refreshed no more, all of your Pinterest friends seem to be on vacation and your email is all read, why not answer some Math questions?

I’ve been addicted to this site since last night, which in 2012 terms is an eternity.  All I can imagine are kids all over the US toiling away at their Math homework, one hand on head, one wrapped around a pencil, foregoing food, sleep, showering, just to get tomorrow’s math work complete in time for their teachers to put a small check in the corner.   Hey, maybe a few teachers are stickerers, I don’t know.  Personally, I’m a grape-flavored stamper.  So here I come to the rescue!  The THANK YOU! emails are cool to get; I do feel a bit like a hero today.

Questions range from “Plz help me graph y = 45x + 40” to “What is the square root of 1 – i?  So try it out!  It’s a great way to put that advanced degree to good use!


got beef?

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