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Is Quirky a scam? November 18, 2010

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I paid my $10. 

I wrote all about the ZeroSum Ruler. 

I submitted a picture, wrote my bio, wrote all about the ruler, and…..




No really, what is “Quirky”??


Still, I did manage to see that five people, probably unemployed and bored, decided to click on my product number to see what it was.  Here are their comments and my replies:


Becky Blatchford:

“I like this. If it is inexpensive enough say under $10 I’d bet moms would buy this up!”


“Thanks Becky.  Hopefully they will when more people find out about it.”



“Interesting and simple.”


“Thanks scortwo”


Michael Kloeckner:

“I love it, I cannot believe this is not out there somewhere”


“Thank you Michael. Now only to find a venture capitalist to back production and marketing!”


Dave McKey:

“I agree with Aaron. no need to fold the ruler.  good luck!”


“Thanks Dave.  I’ll think about the fold.”


Aaron Dale:

“I watched the video on your website and the only question I have is, why fold the ruler? Just make the ruler so it has negative numbers along one edge and positive along the other edge. But if a kid can use a tool to combine negative and positive numbers, they should use a calculator. It would be best for the kid to understand why they get the answer they get instead of counting the difference on the ruler. It seems like cheating.”


“I see what you’re saying about the folding.  it would be a lot easier to make without the fold.  The reason I made it fold was so that it starts out looking like the normal numberline the kids use in school.  The folding then shows the relationship between negatives and positives.  When a kid tells me -22 + 5 = -27, there’s a problem.  When this kid is in 11th grade, there’s a bigger problem.  When this kid is not just one kid but many, we’ve got a huge problem.  My thesis results are in and the ruler caused students to make 1/2 the mistakes as before the ruler.  True, data isnt’ everything, but I never thought it woule make such a difference. “


So what is Quirky?  Can I build a website, undercut Quirky by charging anyone with an idea $8 to write all about it only to have it disappear into a “relist” button one week later?  I mean, everyone has an idea, most everyone has $8, this is the best scam going, right?


Am I missing something?





2 Responses to “Is Quirky a scam?”

  1. Jessica J. Says:

    Quirky is a scam im sick of hearing it praised they don’t make millionaires and there bullies even the staff!

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